12 Questions for a Preacher to Ask after a Sunday

As you evaluate a given Sunday in your ministry, here are some questions to consider:

  1. Did I proclaim the Word clearly? Your goal should have been for your listeners to hear the Word taught and applied in such a way that they may live more for God.  
  2. Did I allow anything or anyone to distract me from the task of proclamation? Sometimes we allow silly things to divert our attention.
  3. Did I pray fervently today? The deeper our prayer, the greater our confession that we cannot do ministry on our own.
  4. Did I avoid anybody today? If you did, that’s probably evidence that you need to work on a relationship.
  5. Would someone know how to follow Jesus based on my word today? The Bible is a book of redemption, and your intent should have been to direct people to Jesus through that Word.
  6. Did I stand before God’s people as holy today? Only you and God know the answer to that question, but that question matters.  A lot.
  7. Was I fully prepared? It’s possible that only you and God know that answer, but you probably gave some evidence to your hearers as well.
  8. Did I operate in God’s strength or in my strength? We know the difference. Be honest.
  9. Did I seek man’s applause? Sometimes we long to hear “good sermon” from our members more than “Well done, good and faithful servant” from the Savior.
  10. Did I thank God for little victories today? Anything that goes well in the Lord’s work is His gift to us.
  11. Do I love God’s church more or less after today? If it’s less, spend some time with the Lord dealing with whatever issues you’re facing.
  12. What changes do I need to make based on today? You may not sense any need for change, but every evaluation like this one is an opportunity to improve.  

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