Praying for Church Planters

This weekend I'm doing training for Walk Church, a new congregation in Las Vegas that will have their launch service in two weeks. As I've prepared for this trip — and now that I'm here — I'm reminded over and over again how important prayer support is for church plants and their leadership teams. Our own church, Restoration Church, is a church plant in Wake Forest, and we, too, need prayer support. 

I made a commitment to use this website to support pastors, church planters, missionaries, and other church leaders — and I want to do that now. Church planters, I invite you to give us a brief picture of your plant in the comments section, and tell us how we can pray for you. I will pray for you, and I'll invite others (including my students at Southeastern Seminary) to join us.

What might happen if thousands of us unite in prayer for hundreds (even thousands) of church plants this weekend? Thanks for giving us the privilege of partnering with you.  


  • We planted 3 weeks ago. Please pray for endurance. It’s like having a baby…at first, I’m just relieved and exhausted. Then, after a week of sheer exhaustion, I realize – I have to feed her now! I have to take care of her! May the joy of the Lord be my strength!

  • Kris Billiter says:

    we launch @eastptchurch on 9/13. Please pray that we will be faithful & bold,4 strength, and that people will trust Christ! Thank you sir!

  • Dennis McDaniel Jr says:

    My wife and I are trying to plant a Chinese church in Corydon, IN. One of the fastest growing minority populations in Corydon are the Chinese We’re having difficulty in communication as we only occasionally can get an interpreter to come out from Louisville. We believe that we have a “household of peace”, but the only one in the family who is truly bilingual is a shy 12 year old girl who isn’t always excited to translate for us. I’m seeking a Chinese Timothy that would be willing to settle himself/family in Corydon for the purpose of allowing for as much as possible for it to be an indigenous church plant with an indigenous shepherd.

  • Darryl Dash says:

    Thanks for your offer to pray!

    We are planting Liberty Grace Church ( in a downtown condo community in Toronto. It is a very unchurched area. Most residents are single professionals in their 30s. We are a couple of years in. It’s been fun, often encouraging, and also much harder than I would have imagined.

  • Nathan Tubbs says:

    Our church celebrates our fourth anniversary in 2 weeks. Please pray for us. Specifically, pray for my wife who is dealing with leukemia (CML) and lupus. Also, pray for me, a bivocational pastor…I work as a 6th grade science teacher. School begins again this week.

  • We’re planting a church near Rovigo, Italy. It’s me, my wife, and a young single lady. We’ve got a faithful small group, but we would greatly benefit from another worker or two for the harvest, especially a man who could preach. (it could be a couple) So, pray for more workers for the harvest.

  • After reading this blog, I think everyone will pray for the church planters. Thanks for sharing this peaceful information.

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