7 Ways to Maximize Evangelism during the Christmas Season

The Christmas season is a time to focus on the truth of Christ’s coming to earth. What so often happens, though, is that the message gets lost in the busyness of the season. Consequently, we miss opportunities to evangelize during a time when some folks are actually thinking about spiritual matters. Here are some ways to do evangelism during this busy season.

  1. Use your Christmas letter to tell the story of Jesus. Most of us receive numbers of holiday letters, and we learn what people have been doing through the last year. What we don’t learn, though, is what God has been doing in their lives. This year, focus your Christmas letter on Christ and His blessings more than on yourself.
  2. Be up front about offering the greatest gift ever given. Sometimes we struggle directing a conversation toward the gospel. Rather than wrestle with that issue, just be up front. Contact a loved one, and say: “This Christmas I’d love to take ten minutes to tell you what Jesus, the greatest gift ever given, means to me. Would you allow me that privilege?” Somebody might give you that opportunity.
  3. Give simple gospel gifts to your unchurched family members or neighbors. You never know what God might do through a bag of homemade cookies and a simple tract of gospel truth. Give a filled stocking to your neighbors, and include a simple book about the truth of Christmas. Don’t overwhelm your unchurched neighbors, but get the gospel in their hands.
  4. Do servant evangelism during this season. Servant evangelism is doing good deeds in Jesus’ name, with the hope of gaining an opportunity to share the gospel. Shovel a friend’s driveway for no charge. Scrape the ice from a car windshield. Offer to shop for a non-believing elderly friend or family member. As a small group, volunteer to wrap gifts at a local mall. Always watch for open doors to talk about Jesus.
  5. Work with local social services or schools to assist an impoverished family. Provide food and gifts. Show them the love of God through your actions, and ask permission to explain why you’re doing what you do: because Jesus came to earth and died on our behalf.
  6. Throw a neighborhood birthday party for Jesus. Invite your neighbors and their kids. Have a great time, being sure to take the time to tell the Christmas story. Trust that God’s Word never comes back empty (Isa. 55:11).
  7. Invite to your home a local family that does not celebrate a Christian Christmas. Get to know neighbors, co-workers, international university students, or local business owners who follow other world faiths. Invite them to your home for an evening, and introduce them to your family’s Christmas traditions – including celebrating Jesus!

What other ways would you add to this list?


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