10 Ways to Pray for Your Pastor This Weekend

This weekend, pastors around the world will proclaim the Word of God. Your pastor will stand before you, open the Bible, explain it, and help you apply it in your life. This task is not an easy one, and pastors need – and deserve – our prayer support.

I challenge you to take 15 minutes this weekend and pray these prayers for your pastor and other pastors in your area. Who knows what God might do if hundreds of prayer-covered pastors preach His Word this weekend? 

  1. Pray they will be rested and healthy. It’s easy to get too little rest as a pastor. Pray pastors will have a good night’s sleep before preaching.
  2. Pray they will be pure as they preach. Only they and God know what they struggle with in the secret areas of their life. Pray they’ll have complete victory before they step into the pulpit.
  3. Pray they will preach the Word. This one’s simple: pray they will dig into the Word, explain it, and apply it. Nothing less than the Word will suffice for life transformation.  
  4. Pray the enemy will not win in their life today. The devil will do all he can to destroy pastors as they preach the Word. Ask God to guard them against his attacks.
  5. Pray no one will frustrate them at church. I’ve posted about this issue before. Pray no one will say something that brings frustration and anger before preaching.
  6. Pray they will not be distracted in their task. There are so many ways a pastor can get distracted – an outspoken church member, a messed up audio system, a low attendance . . . . Ask God to give them an unflinching focus.
  7. Pray they will speak boldly and clearly. That’s Paul request for his readers in Ephesians 6:19-20 and Colossians 4:2-4. We can’t go wrong praying like Paul asked. 
  8. Pray the enemy will not snatch away the Word. He always works to do so (Mark 4:15), and it can be discouraging to pastors when nobody responds positively to the Word. Pray the enemy will win no victories at your church.
  9. Pray pastors will see just a glimpse of God’s work this weekend. Even a glimpse gives pastors a reason to press on in faith.
  10. Pray their family will have a good day at church. When their families enjoy their church, pastors’ lives are that much sweeter. 

Would you pray this way for your pastor this weekend? And invite others to join you? 


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