7 Questions to See if Easter Really Matters to You

What Easter really means to us is not determined by what we do this weekend; it’s how we live every day. Use these questions to decide how much the resurrection really means to you:

  1. Do you so believe that Jesus is alive that you’ve chosen to follow Him by trusting Him and turning from your wrong? If you haven’t taken this step yet, the resurrection doesn’t mean much to you.  If you do want to follow Jesus, check out this site for information on how to do so.  Contact me so I can pray for you. 
  2. Does a relationship with God affect your everyday life? Do you seek Him every day through His Word and prayer? Do you make choices with the desire to please Him? If you focus on God only a few days each year, you may have celebrated something yesterday that really doesn’t matter to you. 
  3. Do you believe that you can turn away from sins that seem to control you? Easter reminds us that God can overcome anything – including death – so He can surely empower us to break our bondages to sin. If you think you’re just “stuck” and can never win, you need to let the truth of the resurrection sink in some more.
  4. Do you trust that God can restore broken relationships? The resurrection is about renewal – about life that arises out of death. It’s a reminder that God can take the most broken situation and put it together again. If you’ve quit trying to restore a relationship, you may have forgotten about resurrection power.
  5. Have you given up? Even followers of Jesus struggle with discouragement and depression. Even we reach the proverbial “end of our rope” at times. If you’re there and have decided there’s no hope, I plead with you to go back to the resurrection story again. It’s filled with hope . . . and expectation . . . and possibility . . . and power . . . and victory.  
  6. Do you tell others about Jesus? The sacrificial death and victorious resurrection of Jesus make Christianity unique. We have hope that no one else has. If we can keep that good news to ourselves, though, it must not mean much to us. Genuine belief in resurrection victory cannot be silenced. 
  7. Do you fear death? I don’t particularly want to die today, and I certainly don’t want it to hurt when I do die, but I don’t fear death for a second. That’s what a strong belief in the resurrection and heaven can do for you. Unwarranted fear of death shows you haven’t rested in the resurrection yet.

Be honest. Does the resurrection story really affect your life every day? 


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