06/25/16 Urgency and Prayers

READING: Psalms 70-73

Sometimes we want God to act on our behalf, and we want Him to act now. We don’t mind waiting as long as we don’t have to wait very long! Thus, we get stressed when the Bible resounds with calls to wait on the Lord (e.g., Psalm 27:14, Isaiah 40:31). Believers simply must learn to trust God’s timing, even when His timing seems delayed. Perhaps we must especially learn to trust Him then. 

On the other hand, waiting seldom means that our hearts stop wanting God to work now. Sometimes our situation is dire, as the psalmist’s situation in Psalms 70-71 seemed to be. Whatever  the specific context was, the psalmist felt threatened by enemies — and his need was pressing. Listen to the sense of urgency in these words:

“Hasten, O God, to save me; come quickly, Lord, to help me.” (Psalm 70:1)

“But as for me, I am poor and needy; come quickly to me, O God. You are my help and deliverer; Lord, do not delay.” (Psalm 70:5)

“Do not be far from me, my God; come quickly, God, to help me.” (Psalm 71:12

At the same time, though, the psalmist was learning to trust God. The Creator had been his foundation since his birth and his confidence since his youth (Psalm 71:5-6). He would always have hope, and he would speak always about God’s righteous deeds (Psalm 71:14-15), he said. He believed God would restore him even after he experienced great troubles. 

So, it seems to me that it’s possible to be committed to God and to long for His soon intervention. That is, it’s quite normal to pray, “Lord, I trust You, but please come through quickly. You’re my help, but don’t delay.” The urgencies of life require us to lay out our heart to God today, with no pretense of words or thoughts. Be honest with Him. Cry for a speedy response if needed. Faith may still mean waiting for God’s response, but it never means pretending with your words when speaking to the One who already knows our thoughts.  


  • Consider the areas of your life where you want God to act now. Take some time today speaking to God about this matter. Plead, but trust.    
  • Pray with urgency for at least one non-believer. He or she may not know it, but life is in the balance.  

PRAYER: “God, deliver us today; do not delay. Let me stand before You in complete integrity.”