Saturday Suggestions: July 2, 2016

Take a look at these resources to help you this week:

Why Church People Criticize Pastors by Charles Stone

Any of us who’ve ever led a church sometimes wonder why criticism comes. Be sure to check out these seven reasons (and proposed responses).  


4 Reasons Why Leaders Need to Avoid “Yes” Men by Art Rainer

It seems nice to have them sometimes, but it’s not very smart. Let Art tell you why in this simple, clear post.


Five Questions Every Church Planter Should be Asked by Bob Logan

I work with a number of church planters, but I still found this list quite helpful. Take some time to read it even if your church isn’t doing church planting . . . yet. 


Praying in Discipling Relationships among Sisters by Carrie Russell

Helpful thoughts from a sister in Christ. None of us ever prays enough.   


Seven Mistakes in Public Speaking by Chuck Lawless

Most of us have made at least one of these mistakes. Evaluate yourself as you read the list.    

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