Saturday Suggestions: July 9, 2016

Take a look at these resources to help you this week:

Creating an Evangelistic Culture: Thoughts on Lee Strobel’s Address at Amplify16 by Alvin Reid

These suggestions from Lee Strobel and my friend and colleague, Alvin Reid, are worth your time. If you’re a leader, be prepared to be challenged.


10 Reasons Why a Family Mealtime is Vital by Jamie Dew

I remember my family seldom (if ever) having a “family mealtime.” Reading Jamie’s post made me long for what I missed. 


7 Qualities of Good Change Agent Leaders by Ron Edmondson

Ron’s work is consistently excellent. Every church faces change, so every church leader should read this post.


Research: Unchurched Will Talk About Faith, Not Interested in Going to Church by Bob Smietana

You need to know this research. Take time to read this summary. 


5 Ways to Reduce Time on Email by Eric Geiger

I know I spend too much time doing email. Maybe these ideas will help all of us.      

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