10/16/16 Amazed

READING: Mark 6-7

Recurrently in the Gospel of Mark, the people are amazed at Jesus. He teaches like no one else teaches. He works miracles that no one else can do. They’ve never seen or heard anyone quite like this carpenter’s son from Nazareth. When they’re amazed, their natural result is to go out and tell others about Him. 

Amazed. Filled with wonder. That’s what happened when Jesus came to town . . . except when He returned to his hometown of Nazareth. 

Sure, many, too, were amazed when they first heard Him teach (Mark 6:2), but their wonder dissipated as they thought about who He was. He was just one of them, they thought — “Mary’s son and the brother of James, Joseph, Judas, and Simon” (Mark 6:3). He couldn’t be any more special than anyone else in their town. Because of their unbelief, Jesus could do only a few miracles there. 

In this case, it’s Jesus who was then filled with wonder: “He was amazed at their lack of faith” (Mark 6:6). Get the point: in other cases, the people were amazed at Jesus; in this case, He was amazed that the people of Nazareth weren’t amazed. He marveled that they didn’t marvel. The Son of God was in their midst, and they reduced Him to just another human being from their town. 

Lest we condemn the people of Nazareth too much, I wonder if Jesus ever marvels at our unbelief. Are we ever guilty of being amazed by Him early in our spiritual walk, only to “settle down” into mediocrity later on? Do we ever lose our wonder that the One who saved us is truly the Son of God? May God help us when we do!  


  • Be honest with yourself. Do you ever take the Son of God for granted? If you do, repent.             
  • As you read the rest of the Gospel of Mark, pause regularly to meditate on the power of Jesus Christ.    

PRAYER: “Lord, I sometimes lose my wonder. Forgive me for not being amazed at you.”