10/19/16 A Widow’s Offering

READING: Mark 12-13

I think Pam and I are gracious givers. We enjoy giving, and we love sharing God’s gifts with others. Tithing has never been an issue for us. God always gets the first portion of our income, and He has always been faithful to meet our needs. I’m happy to give a tithing testimony anytime I can because we’ve experienced God’s provision first-hand. 

When I read the story of the widow in today’s reading, though, I’m challenged to reconsider our giving. Sure, we give gladly, but I don’t know if we give sacrificially. The widow gave “two small copper coins,” an amount Jesus said was everything she had (Mark 12:42). It wasn’t much, especially when compared with other rich people who “put in large sums” (Mark 12:41). It was, though, a greater sacrifice — so great that Jesus said that she had actually given more than the others. The others had “contributed out of their abundance, but she out of her poverty has put in everything she had, all she had to live on” (Mark 12:44).  

This point is where my heart is most challenged. No matter how much Pam and I are currently giving, I fear we’re still giving more out of our abundance than out of our trust. It’s clear that the widow would have to trust God like never before because she gave sacrificially; it’s not so clear to me that Pam and I are giving that way. When writing the check doesn’t demand a prayer of trust, I think we’re only giving out of our abundance. 

Pray that we would best understand what God would have us to do. Ask others to pray likewise for you. 


  • Evaluate your giving to God’s work. Is it more like the rich people or the widow?                 
  • This week, in faith increase your giving to your local church. Trust God to meet your needs.      

PRAYER: “God, help us to hear Your voice about our giving. We want to be more like the widow than like the rich people. Grant us faith to give like never before.”