Saturday Suggestions: November 5, 2016

Take a look at these resources to help you this week:

3 Common Fears of Every Young Leader by Ron Edmondson

I love young leaders, and I really appreciate Ron Edmondson’s commitment to train them. His points are always on target. 


5 Emotional Intelligence Hacks that Can Immediately Improve Your Leadership by Carey Nieuwhof

This post really challenged me to think about the “vibes” I put off among my team and co-workers. Be prepared to be equally challenged. 


Five Social Media Practices to Avoid and How to Guard against Them by Jonathan Howe

I admit that I have much to learn about social media. I’ve not committed all of these social media sins, but I’ve committed some of them.


US Election: A Thought from a Foreign-Born Southern Baptist by Edgar Aponte

You may not agree with everything my friend Edgar Aponte says in this post, but I encourage you to read it as we move toward our national election this coming week.


Burning within Us by Chuck Lawless

Take a moment and be reminded of the death of Jesus today as you prepare for worship tomorrow.        

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