10 Different Ways to Drive to Church this Weekend

I want you to go to church a different way this week, but I don’t mean, “Take a different route than you usually take.” Here’s what I mean:

  1. As a family, pray out loud for your church’s leaders while you’re driving. It might feel weird, but God does hear our prayers with our eyes open.
  2. Listen to Christian music as you go. If you have kids, listen to something they like. Everybody else will probably like it, too, even if they won’t admit it. 
  3. Pray for any person you pass who doesn’t seem to be going to church. That person might be your neighbor, the person working at the gas station, a homeless person, etc.
  4. Play a Bible trivia game as you go. Maybe you have a board game with cards you can take with you, or perhaps you can make up your own game (e.g., match husbands and wives in the Bible, name the books of the Bible).
  5. Watch for other churches you pass. Say a prayer for them and for their pastors as you drive by.
  6. If you buy coffee somewhere, buy a cup for the next person in line. Let him or her know you’re on your way to worship God.
  7. Point out funeral homes or cemeteries as you drive. I know that sounds morbid, but it’s a good way to talk about God who granted us victory over death.
  8. Tell your kids some stories about church when you were a kid. If they hear about fun you had, they’ll think differently about church.
  9. Review last week’s sermon on the way. If you can’t remember it at all, maybe you’ll listen differently this week.
  10. As a family, memorize a Bible verse together. Make a game of it. Have some fun. Learn the Word as you go.

What other ideas would you add? 

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