Demons, Leaders, and Resurrection

I know it’s the Christmas season, but this post focuses on the topic of resurrection. However, it’s not about the resurrection of Jesus; it’s about the enemy’s wanting to “resurrect” issues in the lives of believers. Here are some things the enemy wants to resurrect in your life, especially if you’re a church leader:

  1. Yesterday’s sin. God’s forgiven it, and He remembers it no more – but the enemy never wants you to let it go. He wants to raise it in your head every day. 
  2. Yesterday’s missed opportunity. It’s so easy to second-guess past decisions, especially when the decision you did make has led to difficulty. The enemy’s in that kind of thinking.
  3. Yesterday’s relationship(s). It’s the devil who leads you to think about that person in your past, even though one or both of you is now married to someone else.  
  4. Yesterday’s church. The congregation that drove you crazy years before sometimes seems so much better after you’ve left it – and the demons delight when they consequently distract you from your current responsibilities.
  5. Yesterday’s successes. That’s one of the ways the enemy hangs us in our own pride. He reminds us of how good we used to be.
  6. Yesterday’s wounds. Most of us have emotional scars that can become prime targets for the forces of evil. Bitterness always harms our leadership, and the enemy knows that fact.  
  7. Yesterday’s images. When unsolicited, unsought pornographic images suddenly show up in your head out of nowhere, the demons are resurrecting your past. 
  8. Yesterday’s fears. We often grow out of the fears that stifled us as young leaders, but Satan has a way of bringing them to life again.
  9. Yesterday’s dreams. Few of us have lived up to all our dreams of yesteryear. When Satan resurrects them, he reminds us of our failure to reach them. 
  10. Yesterday’s anger. We think we let it go, but the enemy knows which buttons to push to raise again these ungodly emotions.  

Here’s the point: we who are followers of Jesus serve the one and only, true and living, miraculously resurrected God. Trust that truth, and don’t give Satan the power of resurrection in your life. 


  • Bill Pitcher says:

    Excellent thoughts. We don’t often think of Satan’s dredging up of past sins as resurrections; but it surely fits.

  • Jim Duggan says:

    Another great article, Dr. Lawless.

    In my younger years, a mentor of mine often challenged my for always looking for where I was going next and not enjoying the moment where I was. Now it seems as I am older, the temptation comes to gaze at the past and still not enjoy the moment.

    I have found the devil to be a great historian, at least in the version he wants to promote. But I have found God to be a much greater and ever-faithful Redeemer, and Purpose-Giver. Just as He demonstrated at the Wedding Feast in Cana, the best is always yet to come.

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