10 Recommended Books on Prayer to Read During the Holidays

If you have some extra minutes to read during the holidays, here are some recommended books about prayer.

  1. A Praying Life by Paul Miller. This book is the most helpful book on prayer I’ve read in the last few years. It’s an honest, practical, and useful call to approach God with a childlike heart. I’d start with reading this book.
  2. Prayer by Tim Keller. This one’s a bit more intense than Miller’s book, but it will challenge you to think deeply about having conversations with God. Keller aims to address theological, experiential, and methodological issues of prayer in this single work, and he meets his goal.
  3. Praying the Bible by Donald Whitney. It’s a short but potent book. If you tend to get bored with prayer because you pray the same way every day, this book offers you a solution. You’ll never read the Scriptures the same way.
  4. A Passion for Prayer by Tom Elliff. I include this book because I know how much Dr. Elliff prays. He understands what it means to have intimacy with God, and you can learn much from him.
  5. With Christ in the School of Prayer by Andrew Murray. The work is older, and the writing can be archaic at times, but it’s worth the time to work through this classic. Murray challenges us to move prayer from a duty to a privilege. 
  6. Praying Backwards by Bryan Chapell. This book calls us to think about what it means to pray in Jesus’ name. The call in chapter 1 to begin, rather than end, prayers with “In Jesus’ name,” is worth the price of the book.
  7. Serving in Your Church Prayer Ministry by Chuck Lawless. Forgive the personal promotion, but this book is a quick, easy, practical read (you can read it in one sitting) if you want to grow your church’s prayer ministry.
  8. Praying with Paul by D. A. Carson. Paul spoke often about praying for the congregations to whom he wrote his letters. Carson uses Paul’s model to help us learn how to pray better. You’ll pray differently after reading this book
  9. ​​The books of Luke and Acts. Read each of these books, and highlight every reference to prayer. You might be surprised by how much you find. In fact, you might want to start your reading with these two books. 

What other books would you include on this list? 


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