10 Signs that Easter Is a One-Day Event for You

Today has been Resurrection Sunday, when people around the world gathered to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. The power of that event, though, is not wrapped up in a single Sunday when we wear special clothes and enjoy dinner with our families; it’s evident only when it changes our life the rest of the year. Check out these signs to see if Easter is only a one-day event for you:

  1. You fear death. If the idea of dying overwhelms you, it’s possible that Easter doesn’t mean enough to you.
  2. You see only the negative in general. Easter is about seeing a man die, but believing that He wouldn’t remain dead. It’s recognizing that life can be negative, but refusing to camp out in that thinking.   
  3. You think faith is for the weak. “It’s okay to go to church on Easter,” you say, “but only ignorant people really believe that a dead man came to life again.”
  4. You live in bondage to sin. The death and resurrection of Jesus ended sin’s reign. If sin is still winning in your life, you’re not living in the power of the resurrection today.
  5. You’ve given up on your church. When you see no prospects of change, no hope for correction, and no possibilities of revival, you’re neglecting the truth that God brings life out of death.
  6. You’re secluding yourself among believers. The arrest and crucifixion of Jesus frightened His followers into seclusion, but the resurrection and the coming of the Spirit compelled them to go to the lost – even if it cost them their lives. Isolation that avoids evangelism is not a statement of resurrection faith.   
  7. You believe that God won’t accept you. The resurrected Jesus reached out to His followers, including the disciples who had all fled when He was arrested. You’re missing the hope of Easter if you think God’s given up on you.
  8. You spend little time in Bible study and prayer. Both spiritual disciplines assume a living Savior who loves us and communicates with us. If you ignore these disciplines, you say something about whether you really believe He’s alive.
  9. You let worry consume you. The resurrection is a reminder that nothing is too big for God to overcome. Worry denies that truth.
  10. You just know that yesterday didn’t change anything. Sure, you went to church, but nothing’s changed. In fact, you knew yesterday that you were going through the “Easter church motions” like you do every year. Sadly, you’ve allowed the resurrection of Jesus to mean nothing to you.  

What other signs come to mind for you? 


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