8 Ways to Determine What Masters You

Jesus warned us that we cannot serve two masters (Luke 16:13), but many of us struggle with this battle. It’s hard not to allow things other than the Lord to rise to the level of that which masters us. If you want to evaluate who/what really reigns in your life, maybe this grid will help you: 

  1. Your calendar. We spend our time, particularly our free time, doing what matters most to us.
  2. Your checkbook. In many cases, we guard our dollars more than our time. Show me your checkbook, and I can make a strong guess about what masters you. 
  3. Your conversations. What comes out of our mouth—especially in the private, unguarded times of our lives—reflects what’s really in our heart.
  4. Your choices. All of us face ongoing, recurrent temptations. If we choose to give in to those temptations, we confess our lord by our actions.
  5. Your church participation. A superficial commitment to a local body of the church says that we are not fully committed to following Christ.
  6. Your correspondences. Sadly, we sometimes write in the privacy of an email what we would never say publicly.
  7. Your companions. We must be involved with non-believers to do the Great Commission, but hanging out with people who influence us in the wrong direction sends the wrong signal about our priorities. 
  8. Your Christlikeness. Here’s the bottom line: believers are to be more and more like Jesus each day. If that’s not happening, we might be following another master.

What do you learn about yourself via this assessment? Spend some time with God in response to your findings.  


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