Saturday Suggestions: April 29, 2017

Check out these helpful recent posts:

Your Marriage is Not about You by Jonathan C. Edwards

My wife and I will be married 26 years next week, and I still needed to hear this post. It challenged me to be a better husband.


3 Indications of Really Bad Leadership by Eric Geiger

All of us who lead have room for improvement. Read this post to see if you live out any of these bad characteristics. 


Recognize. Respond. by Danny Franks

If your church has a greeter ministry, you need to read this post. I’ve studied greeter ministries, but this post challenged me to think about this task in a different way.


7 Reasons Some Leaders Don’t Lead Change by Art Rainer

At some point in my ministry, I regret that I’ve lived out some of these reasons. 


3 Ways to Get Leaders from Pew to Pulpit by Josh Presley

My pastor took great risks to let me preach when I was a teenager. Pastors, read this post about inviting others to preach. 

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