10 Children’s Ministry Issues

As my church consulting team does congregational interviews, we often hear concerns about children’s ministries. Listed in no particular order, here are the most common concerns we hear:

  1. Lax security. Particularly as more churches are implementing strong safety procedures, churches who don’t are noticeable.
  2. Inconsistent, late teachers. Regardless of the type of group for children, teachers who don’t show up on time frustrate parents.
  3. No real Bible teaching. Sure, children learn differently than adults, but the Bible must still be the content. Parents want their offspring to know the Word of God, and they recognize when the kids are only playing.  
  4. Bad facilities. Children’s rooms that need serious maintenance are not inviting – and parents don’t miss the way the room looks.
  5. Poor communication. Families have busy lives, and they have to figure out how to prioritize church in that busyness. When they don’t know what the children’s ministry is doing, that’s hard to do. 
  6. Boring or irrelevant teaching. Children’s teachers need to be the best teachers – equipped to teach a generation raised on computers. Those who lecture students sitting in adult-sized chairs shouldn’t be teaching.
  7. No children’s church. I realize that whether to have a children’s church is controversial. I’m simply reporting that some parents like that option if their children are learning and worshiping at an appropriate level.
  8. Apparently untrained workers. I say “apparently” because parents are making an educated guess based on the poor leadership of children’s workers.
  9. No learning options. We hear this complaint in churches that have no on-campus Sunday classes for children, and their weekly small groups are designed only for adults. Anything for children is only babysitting.
  10. Disconnected pastoral leaders. Many parents particularly want their children to know and love their pastors, trusting their kids will listen to their leaders as they grow up. That means pastors must intentionally spend time with children. 

What other concerns would you add? How is your church addressing these issues? 


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