08/08/17 Why?

READING: Psalms 74-76, Romans 9:16-33

“Why do You hold back Your hand?”

Psalm 74:11

God is powerful and magnificent – far beyond our imagination or consideration. The psalmist knew that truth, even though it felt to him like God was paying little attention to the events of the day. The enemies of God’s people had destroyed the Temple, and it felt like God was not listening to the prayers of His people. The psalmist wondered why God had not yet sent a prophet or exacted justice on their enemies. At the same time, though, he took his own anguish to God and pleaded with Him to remember His covenant with His people.

Indeed, the psalmist’s comfort came in his recalling all that God had done to that point. He is the King “from ancient times” (Psalm 74:12), the sovereign God who rules over all and deals with His enemies in His timing. He is the One who made it all, the Creator of the day and night, the moon and the sun (Psalm 74:12). He set it all into motion, establishing boundaries as needed. He reigns over the waters, over day and night, over the sun and the moon, and over the seasons of the year. There is simply no one like Him.

The words of this psalm remind me clearly that God is in control, even when I might wonder where He is or if He’s listening. I might be tempted to ask such questions as “Why does Your anger burn against the sheep of Your pasture?” (Psalm 74:1) or, “God, how long will the enemy mock? Will the foe insult Your name forever? Why do You hold back Your hand?” (Psalm 74:10-11), but I must remember that He does not forget us. He is still the God who does “saving acts on the earth” (Psalm 74:12).

And, He will defend His cause, but He will do it in His timing and in His way. 


  • Meditate today on the magnificent power of God. Be amazed.
  • If you are wondering if God is listening to you, be reminded that He is in charge.

PRAYER: “God, I sometimes struggle when I pray, and it seems like you aren’t listening. When that happens, turn my face back to You in faith.”

TOMORROW’S READING:  Psalms 77-78, Romans 10