10 Reasons Church Members Don’t Trust Pastors

I’ve previously written about why pastors don’t trust other pastors. If that lack of trust weren’t tragic enough, the truth is that many laypersons don’t truly trust their own pastor. Based on my years of doing church consultation interviews, here are some reasons your church members may not trust you: 

  1. They’ve been burned in the past. It takes only one pastor to wrongly share private information to cause church members to struggle ever trusting pastors again.
  2. They’ve at least heard too many bad stories about pastor betrayal. Listen long enough, and you’ll hear some church member talking about a pastor somewhere who broke a confidence. 
  3. They don’t trust pastors in general. Refer to point #1 and #2 above. Even if you and I have never betrayed them, they can’t get beyond what some other pastor did.  
  4. They don’t trust our spouse. If church members don’t trust our spouse, they won’t trust us, either. Talkative spouses cost pastors a lot. 
  5. They fear being a sermon illustration (even anonymously). Once again, they’ve heard it happen somewhere, and they worry it will happen again. If they never tell a pastor anything private, though, they never run this risk.
  6. They’ve read something negative we put on social media. Maybe it was an off-color comment or curse word. Perhaps it was a veiled exposure of another church member’s issues. Whatever it was, they no longer trust us as spiritual leaders.
  7. They don’t really know us well enough to trust us. We might carry the title of “Pastor,” but they know us as only the Sunday morning preacher they never see again until the next week. They may want to trust us fully, but they’re not yet convinced of our integrity simply because they’ve spent little time with us.  
  8. They’ve seen too many pastors fall – often publicly. They’ve learned that nobody – including us – is immune to the possibility of falling. Why, then, should a church member deeply trust leaders who could be off the scene quickly after a fall? 
  9. Some grew up in, or around, pastor’s homes. That is to say, they saw too much to ever fully trust a pastor again. It’s tough to overcome our family of origin when that family borders on hypocrisy.
  10. They know that pastors come and go. Why open their heart to leaders who could already be looking for the next green grass?

Pastors, what other reasons would you add? Laypersons, what are we missing? 


  • Mark says:

    Some of us aren’t sure you pastors understand human nature and only criticize people, not just their bad behavior. Others feel like you are too protected by leadership and only listen to a few special people. Some younger people have never seen pastoral care extended to them, but only to older people. Some younger people saw you conduct a wedding or baptism once and when you seemed mad about doing so, they decided you did not like younger people.

    Your #7 is very real. Some people have never heard you talk, only preach.

  • gregcorbin says:

    Dr. Lawless, I have been blessed and challenged by your blog. Regarding this post, I would point out that almost all of these apply in terms of why pastors don’t trust church members. The truth is that pastors and church member struggle to trust one another for many of the same reasons. As one who has been a pastor for over 20 years now, I still have no idea how to bridge divide.

  • Steve Lewis says:

    How do pastors of a 2,000+ member church overcome #7?

    • Chuck Lawless says:

      I think you have to use the pulpit strategically — preaching the Word while also inviting the people into your life via self-depracating humor, vulnerability, etc. One of the best I’ve ever seen is Bob Russell, former pastor of Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY.  

  • Grace says:

    Pastors who are not genuinely interested in God’s Word and Truth …

    Pastors who think they know everything…ie controlling and manipulative…especially talkative wife in charge!

    Pastors who have hidden agenda and regard themselves as CEO…

    Pastors fail repeatedly and are unrepentant…take advantage of their position and want to run the church by their own standards….

    Not every pastor is called by God and not every one of them is Truly born again believers in Christ Jesus!

    My True Pastor is my Shepherd , my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! :)♡

  • jrrlawless says:

    Hey there hope things are going well, from a branch of the Lawless tree.

  • Melanie Martin says:

    They have been falsely accused and judged by new pastors who take over a church hostility. They control the church with their agendas . Split the church and then ostricize members that get wise to what’s happening. I just had this happen to me at a church I served for 16 years. I am devastated and no longer feel safe to trust pastors or feel safe in a church environment again.

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