Saturday Suggestions: August 12, 2017

Check out these posts:

Creating a “Whole Church” Hospitable Culture by Danny Franks

A challenging and helpful post about your church after guests get past the greeters.


10 Tips on Managing Church by Tim Clark

It’s an older post, but still relevant. Pick up a nugget or two, and you’ll lead better. 


How Do I Balance Giving and Saving? by Matt Chandler

This brief video provides a simple, clear way to be more generous with others. Be challenged. 


The One Trait Every Leader Must Possess by Ron Edmondson

I tried to guess this trait before reading the post. I didn’t get it right. What’s your guess? 


Reading More Better by Dougald McLaurin

If you want to read more but in the same amount of time, this post may help you. It’s written by the Reference Coordinator and the library of Southeastern Seminary (and it also includes a link to a video discussion if you want to hear more).  


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