Pastors and Church Leaders, Do You Remember When . . .?

I’ve just been thinkin’ about the yesterdays of ministry. I’m not arguing that they were better days – they’re just memories. Pastors and leaders, do you remember when . . . 

  1. social media meant the local yellow pages?
  2. we used our telephones to actually talk to someone?
  3. we went door-to-door telling people about Jesus, and we didn’t have to get permission to get beyond the gate?
  4. singing praise choruses required lyrics cast on the wall via an overhead projector?
  5. background music on a cassette tape was progress?
  6. we knew the numbers of the hymns in the hymnbook?
  7. having a lapel microphone required being tethered to a cord?
  8. screens were on portable stands, and we had to set them up?
  9. the musicians were only a pianist and an organist?
  10. books and cassette tapes were our only access to others’ sermons?
  11. the King James Version was the only real option to consider?
  12. all of our small groups met on the church campus?
  13. no one had ever heard of a “multi-site” campus?
  14. denominational affiliations were a primary factor in choosing a church?
  15. entire families drove one car to church?
  16. the church library was a big deal?
  17. the church covenant—ignored though it was—was plastered on the wall of the church?

What do you want to add to this list? Encourage others to contribute to the list as well. 


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