Saturday Suggestions: October 14, 2017

Check out these recent posts: 

5 Things Every Millennial Needs to Know about Leading by Jenna Giesow 

These “things” are important to all leaders, regardless of age.  


The World Will Give You Trouble—Love Anyway by Scott Sauls 

Regardless of what we face in the future, we’re on the winning side.  


Pardon the Interruption: Your Church Needs It by Tony Morgan 

I had not thought about interruptions in this light. It’s helped me.   


5 Things that Make Missionaries Leave the Field by Carlton Vandagriff 

I’ve seen these causes of missionary departure, too. Learn what your church can do to make a difference.  


Don Whitney on How Spiritual Disciplines “Work” in Our Sanctification by Don Whitney 

Take some time to listen to this brief summary by this expert.  

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