Why “12 Ways Satan Attacks Christian Marriages” is So “Popular”

I wrote the post a few years ago, but it gets traffic every day. In fact, it’s the second most popular post I’ve ever written (only slightly behind, “Misperceptions about Missionaries”). As I’ve interacted with readers, I’m learning why this post continues to grab readers:

  1. Satan is still on the prowl. He’s not changing his target; he still aims his arrows at marriages. He wants to divide our homes before the honeymoon is over.
  2. People are desperate. Sometimes, they’re so confused about their marital conflict that it overwhelms them. “The devil must be involved in this mess,” they assume—and they do a Google search on the topic.    
  3. They think they have no one to talk to. The Internet serves as their counselor because they think no one wants to listen to their problems. Fear and worry (and ultimately, Satan) convince them they’re in this battle alone.
  4. They’re afraid to talk to anyone. They may, in fact, have a pastor or a friend to talk to, but they choose not to. Their pride trumps their worries, so they keep their struggles to themselves.
  5. They’re at the end of their rope. Comments and conversations alike have shown me that people start their online search for help only after the problems are entrenched. When all else fails, they look for blog help.
  6. They’re worried about their kids. Most parents I know would never want to harm their children. Regrettably, though, many couples start worrying about their kids only after the fighting has become intense and the conflict is ongoing. Then, they look for online help.  
  7. They want prayer for their marriage. I give them credit for turning to God and His people, and I trust my readers take time to pray about such requests.

In fact, readers, I’m asking you to pray for a minimum of five marriages today: your own (if you’re married); an older couple whose marriage seems to be healthy; a young couple who just recently married; and two marriages that appear to be in trouble. Perhaps our combined prayers will keep the devil off some couple’s backs today.   


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