12/13/17 Forgive All Our Sins

READING: Hosea 12-14, Revelation 4

“Forgive all our sin and accept what is good.”

Hosea 14:2

I want sin to break my heart, to drive me to my face until God has cleansed my soul. That’s happened at times in my life, but I want it to happen every time I act in a way that is displeasing to my Creator and Redeemer. I want to do what Hosea said to God’s people: return to Yahweh my God when I stumble in my sin, and come back to Him with words and actions of repentance. In fact, Hosea gives me a prayer to pray in those times. The specific applications of the prayer would be different, of course, but the heart is the same:

“Forgive all our sin and accept what is good, so that we may repay You with praise from our lips. Assyria will not save us, we will not ride on horses, and we will no longer proclaim, ‘Our gods!’ to the work of our hands. For the fatherless receives compassion in You” (Hos. 14:2-3).

I want God to cleanse me and free me from my sin. I want Him to reign fully and supremely over every area of my life – and sin, I fear, always reveals where we reign on our own thrones. I do not want to hold on to my false gods of success and recognition and pleasure and power; instead, I want to cling to my Father who always has compassion on wayward children. “The ways of the Lord are right” (Hos. 14:9), and I want to walk righteously in them.


  • Pray this prayer today: “God, forgive me for all my sin.”
  • Decide what your false gods are, and confess them to God.

PRAYER: “Forgive me, God, and let me sing Your praises today.” 

TOMORROW’S READING:  Joel 1-3, Revelation 5