01/07/18 The Next Step of the Plan

READING: Review of Week 1: Genesis 1-11

“Terah fathered Abram . . .”

Genesis 11:27

This past week's readings–primarily the first eleven chapters of the Bible–set us up for God’s next step in His plan. The human beings He first created turned against Him in their sin, thus bringing judgment on themselves and the influence of sin on the rest of creation. So evil did humanity become that God grieved having created them – and He brought judgment via the great flood.

Even that judgment did not, though, solve the issue. Noah himself lay naked in his tent in a state of drunkenness (Gen. 9:21). The people of Babel showed the rebellious heart of all humanity as they sought to build a tower to the heavens to make a name for themselves. In contrast to God’s command for people to fill the earth (Gen. 1:28), the people sought to build a city and a tower around which they would all unite. God’s response, as we saw in yesterday’s devotion, was to confuse their language and disperse the people among the nations. The world thus remained broken and chaotic.

But, God had a plan, as He has always had. Indeed, Genesis 11:27 introduces us to the children of Terah, including a son named Abram with a wife named Sarai. Though they were barren at the time, through their line would eventually come Jesus, the Redeemer. God would not let sin be the victor in the world He created for His glory.  


  • Thank God that He always has a plan, though we don’t always recognize it or understand it.
  • Thank Him for not allowing sin to win, even when people have continually rejected Him.  

PRAYER: “God, I praise You for Your plan to defeat sin.”