01/30/18 Covering Transgressions?

READING: Job 29-32

“Have I covered my transgressions as others do by hiding my iniquity in my heart?”

Job 31:33

To live in such a way that you have nothing to hide is a blessing, indeed. Secret transgressions will eat at your heart – even so much so that I’ve seen folks deal with things like ulcers because they were trying to live a hidden life behind their public one. Hypocrisy just has a way of working its way into the light no matter how hard we work to cover it up.

As Job defended himself in his final defense of this book, he could affirm his integrity despite all he was experiencing. In a series of questions, he concluded that he had, for example, kept his eyes pure, taken care of the poor, ministered to widows and orphans, and avoided idolatry. Moreover, he could affirm that he was not hiding anything: “Have I covered my transgressions as others do by hiding my iniquity in my heart. . .?” (Job 31:33). Others may have hidden their sin to avoid facing crowds that would have ridiculed them had they known, but Job had no such need, he said. Others—beginning with Adam—covered up their sin, but not Job.

Job could even “sign” his statement, signifying its truthfulness as the ancient world did. Despite what his friends thought, Job had nothing to hide. In fact, his obedience was one of the reasons he struggled with what he was enduring. Thus, we are pushed to ask again a question we’ve considered this year: “Am I hiding anything from others?” It is possible to live faithfully and publicly before others – ministering to the poor, etc. – while struggling in places no one sees. That kind of inconsistency will lead only to trouble.


  • Decide again if you are guilty of public obedience and private disobedience. If so, confess your sin.
  • Determine today to be consistent and genuine in your walk with God.

PRAYER: “God, I want to be able to say, ‘No one can find iniquity in my heart. Change me, please.’”