02/02/18 Thunderstorms

READING: Job 40:6-42:17, Psalm 29

“Can you thunder with a voice like his?”

Job 40:9

I’m not God. You’re not God.

No matter how righteously we may live, none of us is God. Even Job had to be reminded of that truth. 

In reminding Job that he could not fully comprehend the Creator or His work, God asked him this question, “Do you have an arm like God’s? Can you thunder with a voice like his?” (Job 40:9). Job, of course, could never compare to God, as God continually reminded him in this chapter. Upright though he may have been, he was not as strong as God, nor could his voice echo from the clouds.

The psalmist, too, would speak of the power of God’s voice, this time as evidenced in a thunderstorm over the sea: “The voice of the Lord is above the waters. The God of glory thunders—the Lord, above the vast water, the voice of the Lord in power, the voice of the Lord in splendor” (Psa 29:3-4). The image can’t fully capture the power of God, but there’s something uniquely awesome about a storm that rolls in, overshadows with clouds, flashes with lightning, reverberates with thunder, and sends torrents of rain on the land and the water. It’s breathtaking. And magnificent. And spectacular. And humbling.

Thus, it’s also another reminder that we’re not God. Hear the voice of God in the thunderstorm, and all we can do is cry out to God, “Glory!” (Psa 29:9). His splendor is fully beyond us. He is worthy of our praising Him in song!


  • Pick your favorite praise song, and sing it throughout the day.
  • Be alert today to others whose hearts don’t even think about praising God. Pray for at least three of these persons.

PRAYER: “Jesus, I ascribe to You the glory due Your name. You sit above all storms.’”