03/05/18 Catching Up with You

READING: Numbers 29-32

“Be sure your sin will catch up with you.”

Numbers 32:23

It was a word to the tribes of Reuben and Gad many, many years ago, but it still speaks to us today. In fact, it’s imperative that we hear the message.

The people of God were preparing to enter the Promised Land when these two tribes requested permission from Moses to stay on the east side of the Jordan – not to enter the land. Moses’ first reaction was a valid one: these tribes would be encouraging the people not to enter Canaan, and they’d be committing the same sin the ten spies committed years before. In fact, his words were forceful and clear: “And here you, a brood of sinners, stand in your fathers’ place adding even more to the Lord’s burning anger against Israel. If you turn back from following him, he will once again leave this people in the wilderness, and you will destroy all of them” (Num. 32:14-15).

The two tribes, though, were ready and willing to send their armed men into Canaan, fighting on behalf of the Israelites as they conquered the land God gave them. They would fight for them until “each of the Israelites has taken possession of his inheritance” (Num. 32:18). Moses accepted their commitment but also warned them against not keeping their word. If they didn’t do what they said, Moses told them, “you will certainly sin against the Lord; be sure your sin will catch up with you” (Num. 32:23).

It’s the latter word we need to hear. God sees all, hears all, knows all. We do not get away with our sin, even if it seems like we do. Like the sin that is “crouching at the door” in Genesis 4:7, our sin will catch up with us. Eventually, God will hold us accountable for our choices.


  • Know that your sin will catch up with you.
  • Remember that truth when temptation faces you today. Stay faithful to God.

PRAYER: “God, help me to remember this word today. Help me to keep my word to You.”   

TOMORROW’S READING:  Numbers 33-36