Saturday Suggestions: March 10, 2018

Check out these helpful posts:

Getting Unstuck: 5 Simple Steps to Make Your Leadership More Effective by Matthew Deprez

I'm a man of routine, and sometimes I can get stuck. This post reminds me of ways to stay on my toes.


5 Things Every Pastor Can Learn From Billy Graham by Obbie Tyler Todd

Dr. Graham's life has impacted me tremendously, and these thoughts about him are worth hearing. 


3 Ways To Keep Your Youth Pastor Longer by Sarah Robins

I’m actively seeking out ways to invest in the leaders of our youth. These three ways to do so are helpful to me. 


St. Patrick’s Passion for Mission by Andrew Ballitch

I walked away from this post not only better informed, but also with a deeper passion for God’s mission.


8 Signs Of A Pastor People Will Follow by Brian Dodd

Brian’s post caused me to evaluate whether I am a man people will follow.


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