05/02/18 Give Thanks

READING: 2 Samuel 10; 1 Chronicles 19; Psalms 20, 53, 60, 75

“We give thanks to you, for your name is near.”

Psalm 75:1

It’s not Thanksgiving, but it’s still a time to give thanks. It always is, actually. 

That’s because we can—and must—always give thanks because the Lord’s “name is near” (Psa. 75:1). Representing the very presence of God, His “name” indicated that God Himself was with His people—a most magnificent gift of His being. The gods of the Egyptians could not save them at the Red Sea, nor could the gods of the Philistines help Goliath,  but the God of the Hebrews called His people into being, led them by day and by night, and watched over them even in their sin. They had reason to proclaim, “We give thanks to you, God” (Psa. 75:1). Indeed, they could speak of His “wondrous works” (Psa. 75:1), including being freed from Egypt, crossing the sea, experiencing God’s protection, and gaining victory over their enemies. 

Our stories may not carry the drama of crossing seas and defeating kings, but we, too, must be amazed that God is near us. This all-powerful, all-knowing God is not only the God of the Hebrews, but He is also our God. He loves us as much as He loved His chosen people. He who freed His people from Egypt has freed us from sin—and we must give Him thanks. He will stand against the wicked, but He will raise up the righteous. 


  • Rejoice that God is near you. 
  • Give thanks to the Lord. And then give thanks to Him again. 

PRAYER: “Lord, I give You thanks. I will sing praises to You.”    

TOMORROW’S READING:  Psalms 65-67, 69, 70