05/14/18 The Lord Reigns

READING: Psalms 97-99

“You are exalted above all the gods.”

Psalm 97:9

I still don’t praise the Lord enough. I think I’ve grown so accustomed to my cognitive propositional faith that I’ve neglected simply praising the Lord for who He is. I need to remember that it’s okay—required, in fact—to love God with both my mind and my heart. I must give myself permission to echo the words of the psalmist in today’s reading:

  • “The Lord reigns! Let the earth rejoice; let the many coasts and islands be glad. . . . For you, Lord, are the Most High over the whole earth; you are exalted above all the gods.” (Psa. 97:1, 9
  • “Let the whole earth shout to the Lord; be jubilant, shout for joy, and sing.” (Psa. 98:4)
  • “The Lord is great in Zion; he is exalted above all the peoples. Let them praise your great and awe-inspiring name. He is holy.” (Psa. 99:2-3)

The images resound throughout these psalms. God’s lightning lights up the world. The rivers clap their hands for Him, and the mountains shout for joy. Our proper response is to “bow in worship at his holy mountain, for the Lord our God is holy” (Psa. 99:9). Meanwhile, I sometimes worry what others will think if I worship God with obvious expressions of joy and praise . . . .  

Today, I want to praise His “great and awe-inspiring name” (Psa. 99:3), no matter what anyone thinks.


  • See God’s glory in nature today.
  • Join creation in singing God’s praises throughout the day.

PRAYER:  “God, You are exalted. I praise You.” 

TOMORROW'S READING: 2 Samuel 24, 1 Chronicles 21-22, Psalm 30