Saturday Suggestions: May 12, 2018

Check out these helpful posts:

5 Keys To Having Meaningful, Life-Giving Conversations with Non-Christians by Carey Nieuwhof

Many struggle to start gospel conversations. These simple tips should help you move in the right direction.


4 Steps to Recruit Volunteers by Todd Adkins

The church staff can’t do it all. Here's an easy model to recruit and develop volunteers in your church.


On Becoming a Fully Mobilized Church: 6 Cumulative Traits by D. Ray Davis

These are vital aspects of a mature church. Evaluate where your church is, and take advantage of the resources given.


Matt Chandler on How a Church Can Know It's on the Right Track by Matt Chandler

It can be tempting to only assess growth numerically. Here are other ways that we should be assessing our church’s growth.


Tim Keller on What He Needed When He Planted by ChurchPlants

Dr. Keller shares his insights on church planting after 30+ years of ministry. Take a moment to listen to this insightful video.

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