Saturday Suggestions: May 19, 2018

How Do I Know If a Sermon Is Too Long or Too Short? by John Piper

We all will wrestle with this question as preachers. Dr. Piper is helpful as we think through the process.


5 Lessons for Church Planters From Successful Startups by Vanderbloemen Search Group

These action steps can be key to planting a church in many cultures today. Consider these tips and the research behind them.


New Research: 5 Types of Givers in Your Church by Eric Geiger

This church research is helpful in understanding the types of people we are shepherding. Use this as you shepherd people in giving generously to God’s mission.


5 Tips for Changing Your Church’s Leadership Structure by Dr. Phil Newton

Changing an existing structure is often difficult, especially when moving to an elder model. Dr. Newton gives a humble and biblical approach to take this step.


To Follow Jesus Is to Be Sent by J.D. Greear

Sending your very best is hard. This short article reminds us that we are commissioned to do this work. 

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