9 Ways to Get Outside the Christian Bubble

I’m convinced that many Christians don’t do much evangelism because they don’t really know many non-believers in the first place. They live inside the Christian bubble and wait for lost persons to come their way. The gospel, though, is about a God who came to a non-believing world; He initiated the conversation. Here are some ways we can be more Christlike and get outside the bubble:  

  1. Join a local gym. We have a gym aSoutheastern Seminary (where I teach), but I don’t use that one. Working out at a local gym gives me access to non-believers.  

  1. Join a civic organization. To be honest, I don’t like meetings—especially those that don’t seem to relate much to my work. But, joining a local organization like the Chamber of Commerce does relate to the work of ministry. Not only do we meet non-believers, but we also gain a voice in the community.  

  1. Coach a sports team—and not only one in a Christian league. You’ll have all kinds of opportunities to be a witness before kids, parents, and grandparents. You can also teach your kids how to win and lose in ways that please God.  

  1. Invest in your kids’ or grandkids’ schools. You ought to be doing that anyway, but getting to know teachers and administrators can open the door to gospel conversations. It can also pave the way for your church to corporately connect with the school.  

  1. Have regular dinners with unchurched neighbors. That is, intentionally get to know your neighbors by having a monthly dinner with a different family. Folks who may not come to your church might come to your home.  

  1. Study or work at a local coffee shop. You might be surprised how many people regularly hang out at coffee shops and talk together. Some of my students do most of their evangelism with regulars at the coffee shop where they do their homework.   

  1. See your co-workers with the eyes of Jesus—as sheep without a shepherd (Matt. 9:36). You might find that you’re already working in a mission field; you just haven’t seen it that way. You may already work outside the bubble.  

  1. Prayerwalk your neighborhood. Walk and pray, but don’t forget to stop and talk to people along the way. Conversations can always lead to a church invitation, if not evangelism.   

  1. Visit the closest university. Find out what Christian organizations are doing work there. Get to know international students on the campus. Hang out with hundreds or thousands of young non-believers, and your prayer for a lost world will change.  

What other ideas would you add to this list?   


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