Saturday Suggestions: June 16, 2018

Check out these helpful posts: 

On Feeling Like a Failure and the Power of Affirming Words by Scott Sauls
Words are a powerful way to build up the body of Christ. Using an example from his own ministry, Scott Sauls explains how we can do this in our own churches.

Four Reasons Why Every Christian Needs Time in Silence by Brian Croft
We shouldn't run from silence; it is beneficial to our relationship with the Lord. Brian Croft shows us the benefits of learning to sit in quietness. 

15 Benefits Desperate Leaders Have Over Comfortable Leaders by Brian Dodd
No one wants to feel desperate, especially in leadership, but Brian Dodd points out reasons why desperation can be good for Christian leaders.

5 Factors to Remember When Powering Down by Tracey Smith
Overworking ourselves in ministry roles can harm us physically, emotionally, and physically. Here are five benefits of maintaining a healthy work balance.

The World's Shortest Mission Trip by Josh Wredberg 
Evangelism shouldn't only occur on a trip overseas, but also in our everyday interactions. Even if you are at home this summer, live your life as if you are on a mission trip.

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