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"If Paul Experienced Ministry Pressure – So Does Your Pastor" by Josh Buice

The apostle Paul faced many hardships during his ministry, and our pastors face challenges today, too. Josh Buice lists several specific ways to pray for our pastors as they lead our local churches.

How to Pursue Self-Control (Without Being a Legalist) by Aaron Menikoff

Christians are commanded to practice self-control, but what does that look like? Aaron Menikoff explains how to live a life marked by self-control while trusting in the sufficiency of Christ.

Are You the Same Person Online That You Are In Person? by Lanie Anderson

In this digital age, it can be tempting to portray ourselves one way on social media and another way in person. Lanie Anderson gives four important steps to take in living consistently both on and offline. 

Handling Theological Disagreement in a Gospel-Centered Way by Aaron Armstrong

Disagreements over theology are not uncommon, even within the church. In this post and brief video, Aaron Armstrong explains the important role of doctrine when we disagree with others.

In case you missed this week's posts at, here's the week in review: 

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  2. 10 Things I Would Do Less Often if I Were Pastoring Again
  3. Repost: 8 Freedoms We Don't Think about Enough
  4. 8 Things God's Discipline Does
  5. A "John the Baptist" Leadership Challenge for Christian Leaders

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