Saturday Suggestions/Week in Review

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Church Discipline Wasn't Just a New Testament Thing by Jonathan Howe

Jonathan helps us think about the best way to carry out and respond to church discipline. 

Leading through Change by Jim Essian

Transition is not easy. Here are 8 helpful points on leading your church through change, while focusing on our God who remains the same.

The Dangers of Disobedience by Stacy Reaoch

God wants our complete devotion, but oftentimes, we veer into disobedience. Using the story of the Israelites in the wilderness, Stacy Reaoch explains why believers must respond to God's direction with joyful obedience.

7 Commonalities of Healthy Teams by Ron Edmondson

Team health is vital to success. While every team is unique, good teams have several key identifiers in common. Here are 7 commonalities to strive for as we lead our teams.

In case you missed this week's posts at, here's the week in review: 

  1. 7 of the Toughest Decisions I Had to Make as a Pastor
  2. 10 Reasons We Hide Our Sin
  3. 8 Reasons Confession to One Another Matters
  4. A First Step Toward Evangelizing More
  5. 8 Reasons Evangelism Programs Often Don't Work

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