Saturday Suggestions/Week in Review

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5 Signs You're a Lone Ranger Leader (And Can't Grow a Team) by Carey Nieuwhof

It can be tempting to do everything ourselves in our leadership roles. Carey Nieuwhof explains what lone ranger leadership looks like, as well as how to wisely delegate tasks.

4 Steps Every Startup Small Group Should Take by Phanuel Roxas

Small groups provide important opportunities for church members to deepen relationships with each other. Phanuel Roxas gives us four key elements in starting a successful small group.

Following God with Open Hands by Sara Beth Fentress

We naturally want to control our circumstances and plan our own lives. But, as Sara Beth Fentress shows us, God calls us to trust Him and live with open hands. 

12 Mistakes Pastors Should Only Make Once by Joe McKeever 

No pastor is perfect, but some blunders provide the perfect opportunity to grow in ministry. Joe McKeever shares his own list of mistakes to avoid.


In case you missed this week's posts at, here's the week in review: 

  1. Four Reasons Why Your Kids Need to See and Hear You Do Your Devotion
  2. 8 PIeces of the Best Advice I Ever Received
  3. 9 Ways to Build Prayer into a Worship Service
  4. Focusing Your Heart in Prayer – by Anna Schaeffer
  5. 8 Things to Do When Depression Hits Your Pastor

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