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How to Refuel Your Life Mid-Flight by Rick Warren

Pastors often find themselves worn out during their day-to-day ministry. Rick Warren offers tips on how to rest and refocus in the middle of the day without withdrawing from the task before us.

Every Student, Every Major: Higher Education and the Great Commission by Matthew J. Hall

As students return to their campuses this fall, it is important for ministry leaders to demonstrate how to make disciples in their unique fields of study. Matthew Hall explains how to help your students steward higher education for the glory of God.

7 Ways Pride Grows in Our Hearts by Jaquelle Crow

The sin of pride can show up in many different ways. Jaquelle Crow gives seven symptoms of pride, examples from Scripture, and biblical truth about God's forgiveness.

Four Habits Leaders Practice to Motivate Team Spirit by Mike Calhoun

Successful teams are led by good motivators. Using  David in 1 Chronicles 15 as inspiration, Mike Calhoun points out ways we can unify our teams.

In case you missed this week's posts at, here's the week in review: 

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