10 Thoughts about Some Unknown Heroes

Just thinking today about some men who are faithful heroes…

  1. They’re pastoring churches that are average size in North America. That means their church averages 100 or fewer each Sunday.
  2. If they read this post, it might be at night. That’s because they’re often bi-vocational, working another job during the day while also pastoring.
  3. Few people have ever heard of some of the places where they pastor. Some are in urban and suburban areas, but many are in rural areas you wouldn’t even know exist unless you’re from their area.
  4. Their pastoral struggles are just as real as the pastor whose church runs 500 or 5000. The scope may be different, but the issues are no less challenging.
  5. Their names will likely never appear in their denominational newspapers. We just don’t do much writing about the average pastor.
  6. They often pastor not only their church, but also their community. Everybody knows “Brother so and so,” even if you don’t attend his church. He’s one of the community shepherds.
  7. Some are trying to balance church, family, a job, their education and their community. Even in the smallest, quietest places, pastors are trying to figure out balance.
  8. They’re trying to figure out how to reach and keep young people in their church, while also loving and respecting the older folks. So are many of the rest of us.
  9. They don’t mind receiving affirmations once in a while. Many are serving faithfully in “behind the scenes” places, and few people give them pats on the back they deserve.
  10. Many of us were there once. We filled those shoes. We’ve just forgotten – and that’s too bad.

Thank you, pastor, for serving wherever God has placed you.


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