Saturday Suggestions/Week in Review

Check out these important posts from others:

Single Minded: How to Love Your Single Friends by Sara Beth Fentress

Last week I recommended Part 1 of Sara’s article here. Check out her practical advice for loving singles.

The Sins Forbidden by the Ninth Commandment in a Social Media World by Tim Challies

You might be surprised by how much the ninth commandment speaks to us.

Spiritual Convergence Insufficiency by Sam Storms

Sam Storms reminds us that God has given us his Spirit and His authoritative word. Worth reading.

Three Things to Remember When You’re Anxious by David Powlison

If you’re anxious today, don’t miss this post. If you’re not anxious, you might need to read it for someone else.

In case you missed this week’s posts at, here’s the week in review:

  1. 10 Thoughts About Some Unknown Heroes
  2. 10 Characteristics of Reactionary Leaders
  3. 7 Questions for Preachers to Ask About Their Preaching Calendar
  4. 8 Things to Do when Your Church is in a Bad Location
  5. 8 Simple Ways to Pray for Your Church Today

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