9 Ways to Pray for Victims of Recent Hurricanes and Storms

Too many believers, I suspect, watch the news about victims of recent storms, but then fail to pray with compassion and fervor for them. Here are some practical ways to pray for them:

  1. Pray for peace and grace for those who have lost loved ones. They’ll need God’s ongoing comfort.
  2. Pray for trust for those who have lost homes or businesses. They may be nomads for a while, so they need our prayers.
  3. Pray for wisdom for government leaders helping to deal with recovery efforts. They, too, need our prayers, even if we don’t always agree with their politics.
  4. Pray for pastors and staff serving in those areas. They’ll need to shepherd entire communities toward recovery.
  5. Pray for children who might have bad memories because of the storm. Ask God to protect them from emotional harm and ongoing fear.
  6. Pray for first responders who’ve already responded—and who will be ready at any given moment. They put their lives on the line almost every day.
  7. Pray for safety for Disaster Relief teams going to an area to help with clean up and feeding. They will work hard and sacrifice much to help.
  8. Pray about giving toward helping those affected. Especially if you’re not affected by the storms, you have some level of obligation to help others who were affected.
  9. Pray for someone to become a believer through these storms. Even one person.

What other ways would you pray? Invite others to join us in praying.


  • Robin G Jordan says:

    I would also pray for protection for those affected from price-gougers and others who would take advantage of them such as bogus companies that charge them exorbitant prices for roof repairs, tree removal, and property cleanup and never do the work. I would offer thanks for those who volunteer to help those affected such as 8 Days of Hope and similar groups

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