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Young Man, There’s a Place You Can Go by Sam O’Neil

Children’s ministry is often seen as an area for women to serve. However, as Sam O’Neil points out, men are also needed to teach the next generation in the local church.

10 Church Growth Strategies that Cost Zero Dollars by Carey Nieuwhof

Growing a healthier church does not require a large budget. In fact, as Carey Nieuwhof shares, there are numerous ways to strengthen your local church without spending any money.

Four Dangers of Success. And the Antidote. by Steve Graves

If we’re not careful, our success can fuel ungodly pride. On the other hand, as Steve Graves points out, when success is handled wisely, it can be used to glorify God.

Some Missional Thoughts about the Migrant Caravan by Scott Hildreth

Be sure to check out Scott’s thoughts about this controversial topic. Then, be sure to read other posts at the Center for Great Commission Studies of Southeastern Seminary. 

In case you missed this week’s posts at, here’s the week in review:

  1. 7 Markers of Strong Worship
  2. 8 Reasons Churches Need to Teach Budgeting
  3. 5 Reasons Church Lighting Matters to Older Adults
  4. Why Young Christian Leaders are Already Experiencing “Dark Nights of the Soul”
  5. 4 Reasons Why a Minister’s First Church is the Most Important Church of His Ministry

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