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3 Bad Reasons to Read Your Bible This Year…And 3 Good Ones by Katie Orr

Many of us will resolve to read the Bible more consistently in the new year. Katie Orr helps us approach this commitment with the right motivation.

Tips and Tools to Help Your Kids Focus on Christ at Christmas by Stephanie Jackson

Whether you’re a parent or you serve in children’s ministry at church, it is important to direct kids’ hearts toward the gospel in everyday life. Stephanie Jackson offers practical ways to intentionally point children to Christ this Christmas.

How to Avoid Being Fired When Leading a Growing Church by Thom Rainer

As a local church grows, pastors will encounter new and difficult challenges. Thom Rainer suggests seven ways for pastors to deepen their relationship with their congregation during seasons of change.

What Does the Bible Say about Giving? by Art Rainer

This simple summary will help you as you consider your giving commitment for the new year.

In case you missed this week’s posts at, here’s the week in review:

  1. 10 Markers of Pastoral Bitterness
  2. 7 Reasons My Wife and I Plan to Give More to God’s Work in 2019
  3. Our Moment-by-Moment Choice: The Agony of Disobedience vs. the Joy of Obedience
  4. 10 Bad Reasons to Not Attend Church this Weekend
  5. 5 Reasons It’s Important to Get Contact Information from Guests

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