Saturday Suggestions/Week in Review

Check out these important posts from others: 

Armchair Quarterback and Armchair Leaders by Eric Geiger

There is more to leadership than what we may see from a distance. In this article, Eric Geiger shows how our perspective matters.

3 Factors Churches Must Consider Before Partnering in Missions by Paul Akin

God has called the local church to share the gospel with the nations. Paul Akin points out three key challenges that must be considered before a church embarks in supporting missions.

5 Practical Expressions of Love in Leadership by Dan Reiland

Love is a key ingredient in our role as leaders. Dan Reiland explains how God’s love shapes our ministry and defines our purpose.

Practical Tips to Live Out Your Pro-Life Convictions by Sara Beth Fentress

As Christians, we have the responsibility of valuing all human life. Sara Beth Fentress shares eight ways we can care for the vulnerable in our daily lives.

In case you missed this week’s posts at, here’s the week in review: 

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  2. 15 Ways to Pray like Jesus Prayed (Repost)
  3. 7 Churches that are Often Tough to Pastor
  4. 10 Ways to Keep Meetings Short
  5. 20 Hymns I’ve Thought of This Week

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