02/08/19 If Your Presence Does Not Go

READING: Exodus 33-34, Matthew 24:29-51

It must’ve been quite a change for Moses. God prepared for His people the next steps toward the promised land—except that He would not go with them. Lest He “destroy [them] on the way” because they were  “a stiff-necked people” (Exo. 33:3), God would instead send an angel to lead them.

Moses, though, had no interest in the people moving forward if God were not going with them. Indeed, he believed that God’s presence would be a distinguishing mark that set the people apart from the nations: “If your presence does not go, don’t make us go up from here. How will it be known that I and your people have found favor with you unless you go with us? I and your people will be distinguished by this from all the other people on the face of the earth” (Exo. 33:15-16). As the leader of God’s people, Moses did not want to take a step on his own.

I wonder how many times I’ve taken steps on my own and then asked God to bless them. I also wonder how much I’ve done over the years without God’s leading. I want to be a disciple who doesn’t dare take a step on my own, and that’s my commitment today. 

PRAYER: “God, I confess that I don’t always wait on Your leadership. Forgive me. Help me.” 

TOMORROW’S READING: Exodus 35-36, Matthew 25:1-30