02/27/19 Reducing Jesus

READING: Numbers 2-3, Mark 5:21-6:6

When the people of Nazareth saw Jesus as just “Mary’s son” (Mark 6:3), they essentially reduced him in their minds from a marvelous teacher to just “one of them.” They knew His family. They knew their names. And, they knew His family members were just like the rest of them. Surely Jesus was the same.

He wasn’t, of course. He was the Son of God who limited His miracles in their town because “of their unbelief” (Mark 6:6). He had done mighty miracles in other places, but not in His hometown. The most He did was lay “his hands on a few sick people” and heal them (Mark 6:5).

It’s easy to condemn the people of Nazareth, but we’re too often just like them. We say we believe but really don’t. Our worries betray our lack of faith. Our frustrations show our lack of trust. Our surprise when He does answer prayers reveals our struggling heart. It’s a wonder that He puts up with any of us . . . but He patiently does.

He’s a God worth following!

PRAYER: “Lord, forgive my unbelief.”

TOMORROW’S READING: Numbers 4-5, Mark 6:7-29