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Three Church-Planting Practices that Need to Die by Ed Stetzer
Church plants should engage the community around them. Ed Stetzer lists three things to avoid when establishing a church.

The Breathtaking Love We Tend to Forget by Trillia Newbell
In the routine of everyday life, we can forget our need to completely depend on the Lord. Trillia Newbell reminds us of the truths of God’s amazing love for us.

A Practical Plan for Growing in Biblical Literacy by Ronnie Winterton
There is always more to learn from God’s Word. Ronnie Winterton shares a practical approach to spending time in Scripture.

4 Habits that Help People Become Like Jesus by Rick Warren
Spiritual growth is a life-long process. Rick Warren explains four ways to become more Christlike.

In case you missed this week’s posts at, here’s the week in review:

  1. 6 Reasons God Allows Thorns in Our Lives
  2. 7 Lessons from a Hospital Stay
  3. When a Church’s Committees are Out of Control
  4. 12 Reasons to Pray More as You Prepare Your Sermon or Lesson for This Weekend
  5. 8 Reasons Why Many Churches Don’t Have an Outward Focus

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