03/03/19 Practical Discipleship: Giving Sacrificially

READING: Mark 12:41-44

Today, I read again this familiar story of the widow and her giving her mite to the treasury in Jesus’ day. Jesus commended her because she gave all she had – “out of her poverty” (Mark 12:44) rather than out of her surplus. This simple story always forces me to evaluate my own giving:

  • Do Pam and I give out of our excess?
  • Do we really feel the sacrifice when we give to God’s work, or do we seldom miss what we give?
  • Is our giving as an older, more settled couple as costly as our young students who give more than what they think they can afford? 
  • Are we growing in our giving by truly sacrificing more? 

As you can perhaps sense, this story always challenges me. If you want to give sacrificially as a true disciple of Jesus, let this story convict and change you, too.   

PRAYER: “God, help me to be honest about the level of sacrifice in my giving to Your work.”

TOMORROW’S READING: Numbers 9-10, Mark 7:31-8:21